How the Reel ‘Stand’ Works

How the “real” reel stand works

Ease of use, simplicity of installation and versatile application is the hallmark of the McBride Fencing rotational grazing reel stand. Below is an illustrated explanation of it’s recommended use.


Step 1

how1 Push reel holder in ground and drop brace. Push brace in ground with foot.

Step 2

how2 Once reel holder is securely in place. Hang the reel holder on the brace side first.

Step 3

how3 Unlock reel and unwind electric tape taking gate attachment to your electric fence.

Step 4

how4 Put step-in posts in the ground to hold wire.

Step 5

how5 Clip gate holder to electric fence and you are done.


Here are a few more informational videos:

This video was done on our farm to demonstrate how we use rotational grazing :

The following videos show (on a dry erase board) how we have designed some fields for rotational grazing:

Part 1:

Part 2: