The McBride Fencing Rotational Grazing Solution


This product has truly helped our farm by managing grazing and maintaining high quality and quaintly pasture for our livestock, as we know it will yours.


managing rotational grazing
McBride Farms is a farm that has been in our family for over a hundred years. A few years ago, Roger McBride decided that building temporary fences while he, along with his father and brother, were rotational grazing cattle was more difficult than it should have been. He hated having to find an appropriate place on a previously built fence wire to hang his reel on or in order to build his new fence. Building a fence this way took time to plan and to scope out. It was unstable as well as unreliable, and one was limited on where a fence could be built.


Roger went to every farm supply store and fencing supplier he could, he found that none had a reel stand he was looking for. As is often said “necessity is the mother of invention”, he decided to invent one.

This is the product he now holds the patent for and the product we are offering to you, to help alleviate frustrations while building, taking down, and then rebuilding temporary fences.


Why rotational grazing?



  • Economic benefits
  • Time savings
  • Environmental benefits
  • Wildlife advantages
  • Increased pasture productivity
  • Aesthetics and human health benefits
  • Animal health and welfare

managing rotational grazing